Do You Need Adult Braces? Wouldn't It Be Nice If They Were Hidden?

It might feel like dental braces are something that are more common in your teenage years. Having said that, there's nothing specific about the teenage years that means this is the only time when braces will be effective. If you feel that your teeth aren't as straight as they could be, your dentist might suggest the possibility of adult braces. You might feel some trepidation about this, and it's up to you whether you feel comfortable spending a number of months with braces on your teeth. [Read More]

What Many People Overlook About Having Dentures

You may not like the idea of getting dentures as you might think this will make you look or feel "old," but dentures can be needed when your natural teeth are too damaged to just be filled or otherwise repaired. Dentures can also help you to eat and talk naturally if you've already lost most of your natural teeth. If it's been recommended that you get dentures or if you've been fitted with new dentures, note a few things that many denture wearers overlook about having these and about how to make them easier to manage. [Read More]

Denture Care 101: How to Keep Your Partial Dentures in Good Nick

It takes time to get used to your first set of partial dentures. You will find yourself mispronouncing words and your mouth will often feel too full for food. However, while they may seem like a poor substitute for your own teeth, removable partial dentures actually help prevent your face from sagging around the cheeks and lips. For instance, even one missing tooth can add years to your appearance.  Dentures, just like your natural teeth, require constant care if they are to last. [Read More]

Dry Mouth Syndrome: Can Oil Pulling Help?

Swishing oil around your mouth for 20 minutes each day is considered to have a variety of general and oral health benefits, helping people manage different conditions and their symptoms. For example, if you suffer from dry mouth syndrome, you may find that you can manage your oral dryness more effectively if you oil pull. If you have a minor case of dry mouth syndrome, your mouth may simply be uncomfortably dry; in more severe cases, your mouth may be so dry that you find it hard to eat and talk, and your lack of saliva may also lead to oral problems caused by excess bacteria that can't be managed by a regular saliva flow. [Read More]