What Many People Overlook About Having Dentures

You may not like the idea of getting dentures as you might think this will make you look or feel "old," but dentures can be needed when your natural teeth are too damaged to just be filled or otherwise repaired. Dentures can also help you to eat and talk naturally if you've already lost most of your natural teeth. If it's been recommended that you get dentures or if you've been fitted with new dentures, note a few things that many denture wearers overlook about having these and about how to make them easier to manage.

Dentures don't hurt or cause pain to your gums

If you're wearing dentures, your mouth may feel a bit of discomfort simply because it's not accustomed to having dentures in place, but those dentures shouldn't cause any type of pain along the gum line or jaw line. If you are in pain because of your dentures or notice irritation on the gums, this is typically because the dentures don't fit right or because you're using an adhesive that is irritating your skin. Talk to your dentist about this and note if you need an adjustment or to change the adhesive products you use.

Dentures do need some practice

Don't assume that your dentures are embarrassing or not the right fit if they seem to slip a bit right after you have them put into your mouth. Your jaw muscles need some practice in order to work around them; your mouth may be used to closing tighter since you had no teeth between the upper and lower jaw, or you may have gotten accustomed to eating without teeth and your new dentures seem out of place every time you chew. Many dentists suggest you practice eating, chewing, talking, and even just moving your mouth in private for the first week or two after you get your dentures, so your mouth gets used to them and they stay in place where they belong.

You will need new dentures in a few years

Your jaw line changes shape over the years as you age, and this will mean that you'll need new dentures eventually. They need to fit your gum line precisely in order to stay in place and avoid overworking your jaw muscles. If you have had dentures for a few years and they suddenly seem to slip out of place or just feel different, visit your dentist about having them refitted or having new dentures made altogether.