A you looking for a new family dentist?

Are your children nervous about visiting the dentist? For younger children, the dentist can often be seen as an intimidating figure who they associate with an uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience. While few people would rate visiting the dentist as their favourite activity it is vital that children still attend the surgery regularly to ensure that their teeth are kept in good condition. To encourage your family to keep seeing their dentist regularly it helps to make sure that you are registered with a family dentistry clinic.

1. What is a family dentistry?

When you visit a surgery that specialises in family dentistry, you will find a dentist who is not just competent to treat children but whose surgery goes out of their way to ensure that they are comfortable during their visit. You should find comfortable chairs and a waiting room stocked with plenty of children's books and toys to keep the little ones amused while they wait to see the dentist. When it is time to call the young patient into the surgery, the dentist should be happy to talk with them and ensure that they are happy at every stage of the treatment.

2. Not just for children

While a family dentistry clinic staff will be happy to treat your children, they will also be able to treat adults. The advantage of this approach is that you will be able to arrange dental appointments for the entire family at the same time. Instead of struggling to fit in your own dental treatment at a separate surgery, you can schedule treatment for everyone on the same trip. This can help save you time and free up your schedule for more pleasant family activities. A further advantage of using a surgery that offers family dentistry is that your children will enjoy visiting the same dentist until they reach adulthood and beyond. This continuity means that their dentist will gain a thorough knowledge of their treatment history and know best how to care for their teeth.

3. Choosing a family dentist

When you are looking for family dentistry, it is always worth taking the time to talk to the dentist before committing yourself to their surgery. Ask them whether the surgery employees a full-time paediatric dentist and what range of services they offer. The more you know about the prospective dentist, the more confident you can be that your decision is the right one.