How To Prepare A Nervous Child For Dental Check Ups

Dental check ups are one of the most important regular health checks you can arrange for you and your family. However, if you have a child who becomes a bag of nerves whenever you take them to the dental clinic, these appointments can be stressful to arrange. Fortunately, there are a number of tactics you can use that will not only help you to get your child to their next appointment at the dental clinic but will also ease their mind for all the future dental check ups they have ahead of them. 

Prepare And Plan

One of the worst things you can do for your nervous child is to spring the news of a dental appointment the day before they are due to visit. Book the appointment as far in advance as is healthy, and find a convenient time for you and your child to discuss the visit. You could even speak to your dentist beforehand for advice on how to approach the subject and how to answer your child's questions. Children often fear the unknown, so giving them as much detail as possible as gently as possible could help them to prepare for the big day. If your child is about to have their first dental clinic appointment, why not tell them to take their favourite teddybear or doll with them. Your dentist may even allow their toy to have a dental check up too! 

Lead By Example

You have such a huge influence on your child and they look up to you for guidance and support. With this in mind, why not align your dental check ups alongside your child's? They can watch you having your dental exam and see that there really is nothing to worry about. Of course, this only works if you are not scheduled in for any intense treatment and are able to relax during your appointment yourself. 

Book A Child Friendly Dental Clinic

Dental check ups can be worrying times for children and adults alike. However, your dental clinic will be prepared for nervous patients and will have lots of ways to set minds at rest. Look for dental clinics that specialise in treating children as they will be well prepared and know exactly how to make the appointment go a lot more smoothly. By taking action today to ease your child's nerves you will be preparing them for a lifetime of regular dental check ups and healthy teeth and gums.