5 Benefits of Denture Implants

If you are looking for an alternative to traditional dentures, why not consider denture implants? Implant dentures are fixed into the gums, which means you never have to remove them — instead, they function like natural teeth. Here are a few advantages of denture implants compared to traditional dentures.

1. Denture Implants Are Permanent

One of the things many people love about denture implants is that they are fixed permanently into the mouth. They feel like a part of your body rather than an appliance that you use. You can clean them just like you would clean regular teeth, which many people enjoy as it is a familiar routine. Once the implant dentures are in place, they usually last a lifetime.

2. Denture Implants Make Eating Easier

Some people struggle to eat with regular dentures because they sometimes shift around as you chew, which can be disconcerting and put you off eating particular foods. Denture implants are secure in their positions, which means that you can eat anything you like and never have to worry about them moving or slipping.

3. Denture Implants Help You Speak Clearly

If you have dentures that occasionally shift or slip inside your mouth, it can be difficult to speak normally. You might find it difficult to form particular sounds when you are worried about your false teeth dislodging from their positions. There is no chance of denture implants moving around when you speak, which means that you can talk with all the confidence and exuberance that you have always been able to enjoy.

4. Denture Implants Protect Your Natural Teeth

If you still have some natural teeth, then denture implants are a great choice. When you have gaps in your smile, it is natural for the teeth that are left to gradually shift their positions to fill those gaps, which can lead to misalignment and problems with the way your dentures fit.

Implant dentures include support posts that extend down into the gums, which help to keep the teeth in place. Over the long term, having denture implants could prevent serious problems with the placement and alignment of your remaining natural teeth. They also transmit chewing forces into the gums, helping the tissue there to stay healthy.

5. Denture Implants Look Natural

When you have denture implants, you can flash a smile any time, any place, for any reason. Implant dentures look just like natural teeth, so you never need to hesitate to show them off.