The Most Common Dental Problems in Kids That Must Be Addressed by an Experienced Dentist

Children encounter dental issues just like adults. Parents might overlook their kid's oral needs and even neglect regular dental check-ups. To many people, milk teeth do not seem like they would require attention since they will shed off and give way for permanent teeth. 

Proper dental practices in children are essential in preventing dental emergencies and oral anomalies in their adulthood. Untreated oral conditions may lead to bigger problems such as bite issues, speech development problems, and several mental and social inadequacies. For that reason, you must take proactive and preventative steps whenever your child complains of a dental problem. Instead of ignoring or trying to fix the issue, you should visit a dentist for proper treatment. Here are three paediatric dental issues that require the attention of a dentist

Signs of Tooth Decay or Cavities

Children are more susceptible to tooth cavities than adults. One of the reasons for the high paediatric cavities is the fact that children are not so proficient at flossing and brushing. Furthermore, they consume sugary diets, which exacerbate bacteria growth in the mouth. These factors encourage the formation of plaque, which eventually causes tooth decay. You should physically examine your children's teeth routinely to look for signs of tooth cavities. In case you spot worn out enamel, you should visit your dentist immediately for further treatment. 

Discomfort or Sensitivity When Ingesting Something Hot or Cold

Tooth sensitivity is quite uncomfortable and can potentially make your child apprehensive about their meals. If your child complains of a twinge or sharp pain in their teeth when eating ice cream or drinking something hot, they could be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Some of the things that may contribute to sensitivity include cracked teeth, tooth decay, and teeth grinding. Tooth sensitivity does not resolve on its own. Because of that, you should take your children to a dentist to determine what is causing the sensitivity and get the appropriate treatment. 

Dental Accidents during Play

Children's play is vital for their growth, but it is sometimes occasioned by dental emergencies. While playing, they may break a tooth or bite their tongue. In worst-case scenarios, a child can accidentally lose a permanent tooth or break a jaw. All these are dental emergencies that require urgent professional care. By seeking immediate help, you will control pain and bleeding. Moreover, you will prevent additional complications that might arise from an untreated dental injury. 

By addressing these dental issues early enough, you will positively impact your child's dental and general health. Partner with a certified and experienced dentist for your children's dental check-ups, treatments and emergencies.