4 Reasons to Get Your Kid a Mouthguard for Sports

Sports mouthguards provide vital protection for children's teeth when they play sports. Many kids are resistant at first to the idea of wearing a mouthguard for sports, but the devices available today are much more comfortable than most people expect. Here are a few good reasons to get your child a sports mouthguard and encourage them to wear it every time they play.

1. Sports Can Cause Dental Trauma

According to a 2014 study, roughly 13 percent of dental trauma injuries in kids are sports-related. Contact sports are obviously dangerous, but even sports that do not usually involve contact with other kids can cause injuries. If your kid trips and falls when running or takes a ball to the face while playing a ball game, a sports mouthguard could save their smile.

2. Mouthguards Protect Braces

Sports mouthguards are particularly important for children who have braces. Even glancing blows from a bat, ball, elbow or knee can dislodge metal braces, jolting the wires out of position so they poke painfully into your child's gums or cheeks. Getting the braces repaired could take some time and involve discomfort for your child. Prevent the damage in the first place by equipping your child with a mouthguard and making sure they wear it every time they play sports.

3. Mouthguards Can Be Comfortable

Many people assume that sports mouthguards are horribly uncomfortable, but this does not have to be the case. Today, many custom-fit options are available to help your child have a comfortable experience with wearing a mouthguard.

One type of custom-fit mouthguard is a boil-and-bite mouthguard. Buy this type of mouthguard from a sports store or pharmacy and place it in hot water until it softens. Have your child bite the mouthguard to mould it to the shape of their mouth. When the material cools, it will hold the shape of the child's mouth.

If a boil-and-bite mouthguard doesn't give you a good enough fit, ask your family dentist about custom sports mouthguards. These offer the best fit for kids who love to spend time playing sports.

4. Mouthguards Are Sometimes Required

If your child has aspirations to compete in their chosen sport, they will have to get used to wearing a mouthguard. Many sports leagues require mouthguards for safety reasons. The younger your child gets used to wearing a mouthguard, the easier they will find the transition to playing competitively.