Why Smiling Is So Important in the Workplace Today

If you make a living from customer service, then you know the importance of positive interaction. You know that you need to make an outstanding first impression whenever a new prospect walks into your commercial environment. Did you know that one of the most crucial elements here is your smile? Why is it so important that you have a smile you can be proud of?

Communicating State of Mind

A radiant smile is an indication of your state of mind. It isn't something that your face just happens to do; it is an outward expression of your inner feeling. In an instant, it can communicate to the person standing in front of you exactly how their experience is likely to be during any given interaction. If you rely on commissions as part of your pay structure, or even if you want to assure your long-term future with your company, it's vital to use a smile as a communication tool.

Making a Promise

Furthermore, when you smile, it is an indication of a promise. You are subconsciously telling the person who you are greeting that they are likely to get outstanding service as a consequence of their enquiry. You are reflecting the status of the organisation you work for.

The First Impression

A smile means a welcome. It is the ultimate first impression and shows that you want to be there at that moment in time, serving customers and clients. A radiant smile indicates that you (and the organisation you work for) are willing to go the extra mile in order to make that person happy.

Don't forget that this can apply whether you are working on a face-to-face basis in a retail environment or you are involved in phone sales of some kind. Your tone of voice and delivery on the phone can be enhanced significantly when you are actually smiling.

Building Rapport

A smile has the advantage of building rapport from the first moment of any interaction. It can certainly help to initiate trust and convey excitement and energy to the other person. Customers have many choices when it comes to spending their hard earned money and any edge an organisation can attain is crucial. This is something that the employee can definitely contribute to by remembering to smile with passion at every moment.

Reclaiming Your Smile

It is unfortunate that many people today are "embarrassed" by their smile due to the fact that they may not have been as stringent as they could have been with their dental care. If you really want to smile but are self-conscious about your appearance, then a cosmetic dentist can make all the difference in your future.