DIY Teeth Whitening Kits: Where To Buy?

The often prohibitive cost of laser tooth whitening prompts a large number of individuals to include tooth whitening in their list of favorite DIY activities. This situation is further encouraged by the affordability and the ready availability of DIY tooth whitening kits.

It is important for those who intend to invest in a DIY tooth whitening kit to have basic information related to the acquisition of these kits. This article discusses three options available for those interested in purchasing their first DIY tooth whitening kit.

From An Online Chemist

The internet has made it quite convenient for its users to shop for all manner of items. At the click of a button, those who wish to invest in DIY whitening kits can have these kits delivered at their doorstep.

However, convenience shouldn't be the determining factor when making decisions related to one's dental health. The main issue of concern for DIY whitening kits purchased online is that they may not comply with the Australian regulations that govern the sale of DIY tooth whitening products. For example, tooth whitening products bought without a dentist's prescription shouldn't contain more than 18% worth of carbamide peroxide (or 6% worth of hydrogen peroxide) in their chemical composition.

Equivalent legislative policies in other countries may not be as stringent. Because DIY whitening kits purchased online are often shipped from overseas countries, there's a significant risk that you'll end up with a sub-standard kit.

From The Local Chemist

Those who would rather reduce the risk of ending up with a sub-standard kit can simply walk into their local chemist or the nearest pharmacy and walk out with a DIY-tooth whitening kit. The risk referred to above is reduced because the local chemist or pharmacy operates under Australian rules and regulations related to the use of DIY tooth whitening products.

However, there is the fact that pharmacists and their assistants who work in drug-dispensing stores have limited expertise when it comes to matters of dental health. Many times, the only advice that these professionals will give is that the kit should be used according to the instructions given on the packaging (for example).

From The Cosmetic Dentist

Alternatively, interested patients can get their DIY whitening kit from a cosmetic dental health practitioner. One advantage of this option is that the practitioner is allowed to administer or sell tooth whitening products that have more than 18% carbamide peroxide or more than 6% hydrogen peroxide.

Because DIY tooth whitening products have either of the two chemicals as their active ingredient, higher quantities of these chemicals in tooth whitening products often means that whitening process will be accelerated.