How to Have a Hollywood Smile

If you have a desire to have a beautiful, white, Hollywood smile, that dream can become a reality. There are a variety of different cosmetic dental procedures that will perfect your smile. Here are some ways to have a Hollywood smile.

Whiten Your Teeth

One thing most Hollywood stars have in common with their teeth is that they are white and free of stains. If you want this type of smile, whitening your teeth is a good place to start. Instead of trying a home kit you purchased at the drug store, go to your dentist and ask about professional whitening methods. They might recommend using the tray whitening system, which includes custom-made trays made from your tooth impressions. There is also laser whitening, done right in your dentist's office. This is a faster process and gives you immediate results.

Avoid Teeth Staining

After getting your teeth whitened, make sure you are protecting the bright shade of your teeth by avoiding staining. Unfortunately, many of your daily habits and the food or drinks you consume could be increasing your risk for yellowing and discolouration of your teeth. For example, smoking cigarettes can discolour the front teeth, causing them to turn a yellow or gray colour. You might also notice discolouration due to dark-coloured drinks like fruit juice, red wine, tea, and coffee. Even dark-coloured berries you eat can darken those tooth stains over time. Make sure when you have these foods or drinks, you drink plenty of water afterwards.

Replace Missing Teeth

Another aspect of a Hollywood smile is not having any visible missing teeth. If you had a tooth that was knocked out while playing sports or that was pulled due to tooth decay, now is a good time to have it replaced. If multiple teeth are missing in a row, consider a dental bridge or partial denture. The partial denture will be removable, while the bridge will be fixed to your mouth. With a bridge, it is best to get it when you have healthy teeth on either side of the missing teeth, as crowns will need to be placed on them to hold the artificial teeth in place. A better option is to get dental implants, which will be implanted into the jawbone of the missing tooth. This lasts a long time and looks very natural.

Cover Tooth Imperfections

Other types of imperfections with your smile are easier to cover. For example, if you have a slight gap in your teeth or a chipped tooth in the front, bonding and filling is great for covering them up. If you have a tooth that is grey because it is dead, you can cover it with a dental crown, which also provides restorative benefits. For discolouration and staining, or teeth that are an odd size or shape, you can cover them with dental veneers.