Are You Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist? What You Should Know

If you are looking for that perfect smile, a cosmetic dentist is the perfect answer for you. Dentistry is no longer a case of filling your teeth or removing the decayed ones. Today, people are making appointments with their cosmetic dentists for aesthetic purposes in order to lift their appearances. This is more or less the same as when you seek cosmetic surgery or go for a new hairstyle to improve your appearance, psyche and social confidence. Though their services somehow overlap, you need to know that a cosmetic dentist is different from an orthodontist. The orthodontist corrects abnormalities of the jaws and teeth.

When Are You Supposed to See Your Cosmetic Dentist?

There are many circumstances that will necessitate intervention of your cosmetic dentist. The list is long and depends on particular needs of the patient.  Among the commonest reasons include the following:

  • When you want a bleach to whiten your teeth.
  • When your cavities need filling with materials that match your teeth.
  • When you want to reshape some of your teeth that do not match up with others.
  • In case you have gaps between your teeth that need closing.
  • To have your teeth covered with porcelain crowns.
  • To have your chips or rough spots repaired with teeth-matching fillings.
  • When you want dental implants, inlays or outlays.
  • When you want cosmetic gum surgery.

Why is a Cosmetic Dental Consultation Helpful?

Before you embark on your cosmetic dental exercise, it is important to have a proper consultation with your dentist. Among the reasons for this include the following:

  • You will get an opportunity to describe in detail what you like and dislike about your dental case and what you would like to have or change. For these purposes, you can consider submitting photos of how you looked in the past and how you would want to look after the exercise. This serves as a general guideline for the success of your cosmetic exercise.
  • Some cosmetic issues, such as discoloured and missing teeth, may be signs of other underlying health issues. This therefore requires a thorough oral examination to be sure that there are no other health issues.

Once the cosmetic dentist has clearly understood where you are coming from and where you want to go in terms of your cosmetic dental issue, you will be presented with the suitable options. This includes the cost and time it will take for your perfect finish.